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Immediately after issuing the Ministerial Decree of APC establishment, it was necessary that the committee setup the framework of its vision at the current stage. Its quick action was the releasing of its traditional book "Pesticides Recommendations for Controlling Agricultural Pests"; which is available to all interested readers. While periodical releasing of an up-to-date "Recommendations Book" every year is one of the top priorities of the APC, the following are among the targeted objectives:
1. Administers and manages the National Registration Scheme and Decrees for agricultural pesticides, which include (regulation, legislation, production, importation, exportation, sales, use, etc.).
2. Acts as a national focal point that cooperates with international pesticide regulatory authorities for effective use and global safety of plant protection products.
3. Working closely with other governmental regulatory agencies around the world, e.g., the US-EPA, the EU, to keep pace by using and contributing to the development of the most up-to-date risk assessment tools and methods.
4. Ensures that only those products that meet the APC's requirements are actually supplied, and constantly monitors the market for compliance. Besides, other governmental agencies are equally responsible for regulating and managing the use of pesticides once they are sold.
5. Enhances the ability to adopt IPM and reduce unreasonable effects or uses of pesticides.
6. Establishes a synergy mechanism for stakeholder identification and participation, and prioritization of emerging pesticide issues for research extension and outreach to respond to economic, human health, environment and safety concerns.
7. Reviewing the registered chemical products to ensure that they continue to meet contemporary high standards of efficacy and safety.
8. Responds to plant protection emerging problems promptly and ensures that available registered pesticides do not fall short of dealing with new pests or outbreaks.
9. Tracing "cheating" and "un-legal entrance" of pesticides in Egypt, and supporting control management.
10. Supporting coordination and cooperation between APC and concerned sectors at the MOA as well as the Ministry of Health & population in Egypt.
11. Issuing products for "Pesticide evaluation" and "Training programs". The later may be performed in forms of educational sessions, workshops and leaflets to cover all affiliated with pesticides in Egypt.
12. The APC website is the official window for local and international readers, so it will be frequently updated and subjects for amendments to follow the latest and recent news of pesticides.
13. The APC supports the crucial necessity of establishing the "Egyptian Organization of Pesticide Management; EOPM" in Egypt; that may undertake such roles of the US-EPA.