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The Egyptian Agricultural Pesticide Committee (APC-Egypt)

Since Egypt is not a pesticide producer country, most of its needs for agricultural pesticide use are imported. Therefore, when trying to register pesticides, references have to be considered for the judicial use. In this respect, The Agricultural Pesticide Committee (APC) is the Egyptian governance accountable for the assessment, evaluation and registration of agricultural pesticides, and for their regulation up to and including the point of retail sale. APC – by law - sits within the portfolio of the Minister for Agriculture and Land Reclamation. Since Egypt is mostly a pesticide-importing country, it follows many international reference guides and guidelines in pesticide registration mandates, policies, requirements and procedures. The role of APC is to independently evaluate the efficacy, safety and performance of pesticides intended for use in the Egyptian agro-ecosystem, ensuring that the health and safety of people, animals and crops, the environment and trade are well-protected. All registered products must be shown to work effectively against target pests and be safe for Egypt's public health and the environment. Registered products must also not unduly jeopardize Egypt's agreements and trade with other nations, especially those of the European Union.