APC Vission

The Agricultural Pesticide Committee (APC) vision is to become one of the most globally-well organized leaders in assessing, evaluating, registering, regulating and use of agricultural pesticides in Egypt. Monitoring pesticide trade, distribution and safeguarding the public health and environment are also underlying in its vision. The APC is keen to work in harmony with the international organizations concerned with pesticide registration, use and handling; all in compatibility with the International Code of Conduct issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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The Agricultural Pesticides Committee (APC) website contains all relevant information with regards to pesticides (Database for all pesticides recommended for use in Egypt - Instructions for the safe use of pesticides in Egypt - Database for pesticide traders in Egypt - Information about APC, with respect to its members, objectives and sub-committees).

APC Mission

The APC mission stands on four major criteria; First: securing crop protection throughout Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy; Second: undertaking safety measurements to minimize risks to human health and environment associated with pesticide use; Third: supporting the role of agricultural extension; and Fourth: organizing training programs for all employees in the field of pesticides and maintaining up-to-date informatics at local, regional and global levels.

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The aim of this website

Provide up-to-date approved information on pesticides use.

Decrease the misuse of unapproved products.

Increase transparency with all stakeholders using pesticides.

Ensure the safe use of pesticides for people and the environment.